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Internet Radio Interviews

Dan Tortora 1-ON-1 w/ Tad Stones, Creator of Darkwing Duck, Co-Creator of Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers, & Much More:


Dan Tortora speaks with Moses Moseley & Theshay West on playing Michonne's Pets on "The Walking Dead", the art of makeup,
acting like a zombie, & so much more:


Dan Tortora with Larry Hama, the person who helped Save Wolverine, Give G.I. Joe individual personalities, & Much More:


Dan Tortora with actor Christopher McDonald, known for his role of Shooter McGavin in the movie "Happy Gilmore":


Dan Tortora with Arthur Suydam, the "Zombie King" who's known for Zombifying characters we love including his work on
"Marvel Zombies" & Much More:


Dan Tortora with actor/vocal extraordinaire Phil Lamarr who has brought countless characters to life as well as
providing laughs on MadTV & beyond:


Dan Tortora with Larry Thomas, known for his role of
Soup Nazi in the timeless TV Sitcom "Seinfeld":


Dan Tortora with Brian O'Halloran, known for "Clerks",
"Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back", & More: 


Dan Tortora with Neal Adams, a Catalyst in helping Comic Books sustain their Existence, aiding DC Comics with Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, & so much more to help Characters We Love Last:


Dan Tortora & Mark Dodson join again for more
laughter, reminiscing, & storytelling:


Dan Tortora with Ming Chen & Mike Zapcic,
Comic Enthusiasts & "Comic Book Men" (AMC):


Dan Tortora with Mark Dodson, the Man of Many Voices, including that of Salacious Crumb (Star Wars) & the Gremlins:


Dan Tortora with the Power Rangers: Steve Cardenas (Red Ranger/Zeo Blue Ranger), Jeff Parazzo (White DinoThunder Ranger), & Kevin Duhaney (Blue DinoThunder Ranger):


Dan Tortora with Shad Nowicki, Talented Artist whose unique pieces are Truly One-of-A-Kind, Shares His Story: