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What is RAPS?

Developed in 2004 by former Syracuse, NFL, & CFL player Robert Drummond, RAPS is a unique athletic assessment and evaluation tool used to measure both male and female athleticism based on reaction time, agility, power, and strength.

Using a patent-pending algorithm, RAPS accurately assesses each athlete's strengths and weaknesses to help pinpoint additional training needs so that they may become a top competitor in their field.


Why Use RAPS?

The purpose of RAPS is to give athletes, coaches and trainers the unknown and vital information needed to improve themselves and their programs.

Using two different assessment rankings - RAPS and Hurricane scores - athletes can see how they measure up nationally and determine where improvements are needed in their training.

For coaches and trainers, knowing your athlete's strengths and weaknesses allows you to make adjustments and improve training programs to benefit both the team and the individual players.


RAPS' Mission Statement:

If your desire is to do great things athletically and achieve your greatest potential, then our PASSION is to make sure you understand that your success is in realizing that weaknesses can become your GREATEST strengths if you embrace them and improve them mentally and physically.  About 1% of great athletes are born that way, the other 99% must learn the art of hard work, sacrifice, determination and perseverance to become the next great one.  Our GOAL is to give you the outline to get there. 


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