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Dan Tortora with Adrian Heath, 
Orlando City SC Head Coach:

The leader of Orlando talks with Tortora on other cities wanting to know how Orlando achieved the move from USL to MLS, being competitive as an expansion team, having a son on the squad, 
& Much More:


Dan Tortora with Carlos Rivas, 
Orlando City SC Forward:

In a special Bilingual Interview, Rivas talks with Tortora about the team as well as himself improving as time goes by, communicating with 5 languages on the field, the fans' support, & Much More:


Dan Tortora with Tommy Redding, 
Orlando City SC Defender:

Redding shares with Tortora what it's like to be a fan of the hometown team, & then become a member of that team. He also talks about balancing different languages on the squad 
& Much More:


Dan Tortora with Tally Hall, 
Orlando City SC Goalkeeper:

Hall shares his story of entering the team on a trade, seeing the Orlando squad evolve, being in the minority if you DON'T have an Orlando City magnet, & Much More:


Dan Tortora with Conor Donovan, 
Orlando City SC Defender:

Donovan discusses with Tortora the level of competition in the ACC while in college at NC State, being an American 
living a dream in professional soccer in America, 
breaking the language barrier, & Much More:


Dan Tortora with Pedro Ribeiro, 
Orlando City SC Midfielder/Center Forward:

Ribeiro discusses with Tortora the atmosphere of having 5 languages spoken on the field at once, getting comfortable in a new position, & gaining momentum coming into the MLS:


Dan Tortora with Harrison Heath, 
Orlando City SC Midfielder:

Heath shares with Tortora what's it like to separate father from coach, playing under father/coach Adrian Heath, while also discussing the growth of professional soccer in America after coming from Europe, & Much More:


"Quick Kick with Dan Tortora" - 
Orlando City SC Head Coach Adrian Heath Talks 
Orlando vs. Montreal Impact: