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"Dolphin Time" ARCHIVE of
"AD & DT" & "Dolphin Dive":

"Dolphin Dive" - DT & LeMoyne Baseball Head Coach Scott Cassidy on Success in 2022, Making the NCAAs, LeMoyne's Bridge to MLB, Josiah Gray & Ryan Murphy, & More:

"AD & DT" - Bob Beretta & DT Provide Another Update on LeMoyne's Potention Reclassification & Realignment, Conferences of Interest, & More:

"Dolphin Dive" - LeMoyne M/W Tennis Head Coach Jeff Lonczak following Men's Team advancing to the NCAA Nationals for the 1st Time in Program History:

"AD & DT" - Bob Beretta & DT provide an EXCLUSIVE UPDATE on LeMoyne's Reclassification & Realignment Potential:

"Dolphin Dive" - DT with LeMoyne Women's Lacrosse Head Coach Liz Beville & AD Bob Beretta closes out the broadcast:

"AD & DT" - Bob Beretta & DT speak on Mental Health & What LeMoyne is Doing to Help Our Community:

"AD & DT" - Bob Beretta & DT bring you the EXCLUSIVE FIRST Conversation on LeMoyne College looking at Reclassification & Realignment:

"AD & DT" - LeMoyne College Navigating the Pandemic & Coaching Searches/Hires Announcements:

"AD & DT" - What is the meaning of "'Phins Up"?

"AD & DT" - Bob Beretta & DT come to you from the Dome, speaking on the importance of the LeMoyne vs. Syracuse Men's Basketball games:

"Dolphin Dive" - Emily Yancone of LeMoyne Volleyball:

"AD & DT" - Why LeMoyne College?

"Dolphin Dive" Inaugural Episode - Bryant Perdomo of LeMoyne Men's Soccer, a CNY Native & CNS Northstars' Alum:

"AD & DT" Inaugural Episode - Getting to know LeMoyne AD Bob Beretta, hired in 2021: