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Topics in this Feature Episode:

1. Teddy Bridgewater going from the New Orleans Saints to the Carolina Panthers

2. Carolina Panthers adding offensive talent

3. Tanking in Football

4. TE Tyler Eifert going from the Cincinnati Bengals to the Jacksonville Jaguars

5. Jacksonville Jaguars' moves in the off-season in general

6. Former XFL QBs PJ Walker & Jordan Ta'amu being signed to NFL Contracts

7. XFL Players in general getting signed to the NFL, including TE Donald Parham, Jr.

8. Teams that seem to be in need of a Starting QB

9. Where do QBs Cam Newton & Jameis Winston end up?


Topics in this Feature Episode:

1. Fantasy Football is 24/7, 365

2. QB Cam Newton's future

3. QB Tom Brady's decision to leave Patriots for Bucs affecting the NFL as a whole

4. Brady's Weapons in Tampa: WR Mike Evans, WR Chris Godwin, & TE OJ Howard

5. QB Signings in the NFL

6. QB Philip Rivers agreeing to 1 year with the Colts, leaving the Chargers

7. Jacksonville Jaguars' defensive departures 

8. QB Ryan Tannehill 4-yr, $118 million contract extension to stay with Titans

9. RB Derrick Henry getting the Franchise Tag from the Titans

10. QB Teddy Bridgewater 3-yr, $63 million contract to join the Panthers

11. Why the Jacksonville Jaguars should trade QB Nick Foles to the Chicago Bears

12. Jacksonville Jaguars & DE Yannick Ngakoue potential situation

13. The trade that sent RB David Johnson to Texans, WR DeAndre Hopkins to Cardinals


Topics in this Feature Episode:

1. Where we see QB Tom Brady going

2. Where we see QB Philip Rivers going

3. Where we see QB Ryan Tannehill going

4. Where we see QB Marcus Mariota going

5. Where we see QB Teddy Bridgewater going

6. The seemingly lack of faith in QB Dwayne Haskins in Washington

7. Where we see QB Cam Newton going

8. Where we see QB Nick Foles going

9. What we like about the XFL


Topics in this Feature Episode:

1. Jacksonville Jaguars splitting home games between JAX & London?
2. Why giving up 2 home games instead of 1 to London is a bad idea for the Jaguars
3. Opinions on the Jaguars parting ways with CB A.J. Bouye
4. The New NFL & NFLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement
5. Adding two more teams to the NFL Playoffs, 1 in AFC & 1 in NFC
6. Adding a 17th game for each NFL team in the regular season
7. What Practice Squad players make in the NFL, & how much they may rise
8. How any team in any given week can defeat another in the current XFL season