Follow DT Follow DT "Wake Up Call with Dan Tortora" Football Jersey Thanks to Marc Jones and the team at Dreissig Apparel, I am now the proud owner of a personalized jersey for my show. 159432653 Back to the Future I visited my alma mater, Marywood University, and enjoyed looking back on the creation of "MU Courtside" and knowing that students have kept my dream alive today. 159432666 Proud Dad The program I created to showcase NCAA Division III Men's & Women's Basketball live broadcasts, "MU Courtside", was welcomed into this gym as an advancement of the program. Thank you, Marywood University, for believing in me and taking care of my baby. 159432658 In Memory of Jay I created my own NBA franchise in college for a class taught by one of my closest friends and colleagues at Marywood University. Rest in Peace, Jay. 159432656 Yankee Stadium My First New York Yankee game with my Father; Jackie Robinson Night; Opening Weekend. 159432652 What My NFL Draft Photo Would Have Looked Like Holding up my personalized jersey in celebration of "Wake Up Call with Dan Tortora", thanks to Marc Jones and Dreissig Apparel. 159432657 NCAA Tournament 2012 The largest NCAA bracket I have ever seen in my life. I prefer mine smaller so my mistakes are not as visible. My red pen would be way too noticeable on this board. 159432654 Ralph Wilson Stadium - Buffalo, NY Head to a Buffalo Bills' game and support the only team with a New York zip code. 159432655 Fit For a TV Commercial NBA Finals Game 5 between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder. John Garcia, Jr., and I had a watching party. He had a better night. 159432662 Celebrating Local Leaders Tom MacDonald (left) and Chuck Wilbur (right) joined me in "The Art of Leadership" segment of the show to talk about winning a NJCAA National Championship in Junior College Lacrosse in the same season, for the women's team and men's team, respectively. 159432663 Enjoying the South Pretend there are pads, a uniform, and a football. This is what I would look like before giving the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' fans something to smile about. 159432664 Bigger and Better John Garcia, Jr., celebrates the closing of one chapter and the opening of another with me for "Wake Up Call with Dan Tortora". 159432665