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John Wallace Has No Love for the NCAA

Posted on February 10, 2016 at 9:40 AM

  Article by Dan Tortora

  When Syracuse University Athletics was handed down their penalty by the NCAA for what the NCAA found connected to the Orange men's basketball program concerning one of Fab Melo's papers, a local YMCA, and the breaking of a university-created drug policy, the gavel came down hard.

  The punishment included over 100 wins to be vacated by Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim as well as a nine-game suspension for Boeheim that was originally supposed to be served for the first nine games of conference play inside the Atlantic Coast Conference. Knowing that the suspension was coming, Boeheim was then hit with a change in schedule when the NCAA decided he should serve his penalty earlier in the season, while the season was in full swing.

  Syracuse finished with a record of 4-5 under longtime assistant turned interim head coach Mike Hopkins during that nine-game suspension in the 2015-16 season.

  While on a "Wake Up Call with Dan Tortora" broadcast available HERE, former Syracuse Orange men's basketball player John Wallace sounded off. "All I gotta say about that is the NCAA f***ing sucks. That's all I have to say. They suck," said Wallace.

  The former Orange big man went on to state how he feels the NCAA is exploiting college student-athletes. "When you've been a player through the NCAA system, so to speak, and I don't have any regrets, honestly, because I love Syracuse," Wallace shared. "I love all my experiences, every game. But when you look at it from a business standpoint and you see all the money that's being generated and they keep saying that x amount of dollars is going to each school, well, I just don't believe it. And I'd love for them to open their books which they never have or never will."

  "So they basically have free labor and a work force where they get to keep all the revenue," added Wallace.

  Looking at Syracuse University's punishment specifically, Wallace does not agree with taking wins away from Boeheim if the losses are not taken with them, a sentiment shared by fellow alum Dale Shackleford. "They only vacate the wins which just doesn't make sense but that's a whole 'nother issue," Wallace expressed with a laugh.

  Taking away wins but not losses not only erases wins in Boeheim's history, it erases Boeheim's actual winning percentage all-time. "I've said that from day one," Wallace stated. "It's amazing that they can take so many victories from coach [Boeheim] but yet keep the losses that he had during that same time span on his record. Everything should be vacated if they're gonna vacate it. The losses, the wins, everything, but that's not the way the NCAA works."

  "They have their own rules. You have to abide by 'em and no one's there to police them."

  With different schools serving different punishments over the years, questions have arisen as to how the NCAA decides who serves what punishment and when. Asked if he believes there should be more clear-cut punishments from the NCAA that pertain to all schools when you break a rule(s), Wallace responded, "Well absolutely. I mean that's with any entity that is able to say you're breaking their rules or whatever their laws are. But with the NCAA, they make 'em up as they go sometimes. It's just not right. Hopefully at some point it changes, but I don't see it changing any time soon."

  "They've been able to do whatever they want to do for, I don't know, 50 years, 60 years. I just don't think it's gonna change any time soon, so, good luck with that one," Wallace continued.

  "I don't have any love for the NCAA, and that's that."

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