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"Chiropractic Care with Dr. Tim Whiting"
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EPISODE 1 - Demonstrating Activator Technique:


EPISODE 2 - The Benefits of Using "Rock Tape":


EPISODE 3 - Shoulder Injuries:


EPISODE 4 - Calf Injuries:


EPISODE 5 - Prepping You For Golf Season:


EPISODE 6 - Neck Pain from Texting:


EPISODE 7 - Where Neck Pain & Headaches Can Come From:


EPISODE 8 - Exercises for Muscle & Back Pain:


EPISODE 9 - Acute Back Pain (PART I):


EPISODE 10 - Acute Back Pain (PART II):


EPISODE 11 - Acute Back Pain (PART III):


"Wellness with Whiting" SEGMENT inside of

"Wake Up Call with Dan Tortora":


Episode 8
Dan Tortora & Dr. Tim Whiting of Central NY talk about Prescriptions Connecting to Drug Abuse, Heroine Problem in Syracuse, & Much More:


Episode 7
Dan Tortora & Dr. Tim Whiting talk about a subject suggested by a Listener important to all with "Arthritis in Joints" & Offer NFL/Fantasy Football Injury Insight as Always:


Episode 6
Dan Tortora & Dr. Tim Whiting of Syracuse Talk Concussions in College Football, Eric Dungey, & Injuries Affecting Fantasy Football/NFL:


Episode 5
Dan Tortora & Dr. Tim Whiting share Health Tips in Daily Life for everyone listening & 
Aid Your Fantasy Football Team by going deeper 
into the NFL Injury Report:


Episode 4
Dan Tortora & Dr. Tim Whiting talk on what's affecting people in Central New York & beyond, including Sinus Infections & knee issues while also tackling some of the Top Injuries affecting your Favorite NFL Teams/Fantasy Football Rosters:


Episode 3
Dan Tortora speaks with Dr. Tim Whiting on Health Advice that ALL People need to hear, followed by talk on Calf, Shoulder, Foot, Leg, & 
Head Injuries/Concussions Affecting the players we love & our Fantasy Football Teams as well:


Episode 2 
Dan Tortora & Dr. Tim Whiting talking 
Syracuse Football Injuries & Injuries Affecting Your Fantasy Football Teams:

(The show where Dr. Tim Whiting accurately stated that Cowboys WR Dez Bryant would be out at least 10 weeks when the initial report said 4 to 6 weeks. Dr. Whiting made the statement that Bryant would be 

out 10 weeks days before the NFL reported so)


Episode 1 
The beginning of a NEW Show focusing on helping improve our well-being by taking care of ourselves, talking Syracuse sports, & reaching out to all players, coaches, & fans alike: